Image of Every Perfect Gift (A Hickory Ridge Romance)


Image of Every Perfect Gift (A Hickory Ridge Romance)

The third book in the wonderful historical Hickory Ridge series has romance, mystery, intrigue and the hopes of finally being able to let go of the past and move forward into the future. Characters are charming, lovable and memorable. Love is a talented author who gives readers even more than they expect in her touching stories.

In 1886, Sophie Robillard Caldwell comes back to the one place she never thought she would — Hickory Ridge, Tenn. Growing up in the orphanage did not create happy memories for her, and she has every intention of succeeding in Hickory Ridge as a newspaperwoman. Ethan Heyward has built a resort deep in the mountains that attracts wealthy tourists to the area. When he is interviewed by her, he finds Sophie to be unlike other women he’s met: She is intelligent, and a great writer. But he also senses that she is hiding something from him and others, and that piques his curiosity to get to know her better. But when his past comes to the mountains, it may be the end of a romance he and Sophie both want. (THOMAS NELSON, Dec., 320 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans