Image of Every Scandalous Secret (Scandalous Lady)


Image of Every Scandalous Secret (Scandalous Lady)

The chase is on! Callen delivers a bad-boy hero who is so, so good, and a heroine who risks all for sinful delights. But there is a tender vulnerability to these characters that will endear them to readers. This will be an enchanting addition to your keeper shelf.

Leo Wade is the younger brother of a viscount who prowls ladies’ boudoirs and gaming parlors with ease. Susanna Leland reserves her passion for her art, using her intellect to scare off men. When Leo follows her to a party, informing her he intends to seduce her to win a wager, she knows he will lose. Her brother urges her to find a husband, but Leo is there at every turn. Passion leads her astray, they are caught and forced to marry. Can love and trust be found among the secrets each one hides? (AVON, Oct., 435 pp., 7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Faye Harris