Jordan Riley believes that God and state should be separated and does everything in his power to see that this is accomplished. After another successful challenge in court, a caring teacher is fired for praying for a student and Jordan moves on to set his cap on something bigger: a large statue of Jesus in a public park in his home town. There are reasons he is so determined to see this image removed. Nothing will stop him.

Of course, Jordan doesnt count on news anchor Faith Evans getting in his way. Shes determined the statue will remain. She may not be as forceful or sneaky as Jordan, but shes got God on her side and nothing will stop her. It seems like a bitter fight is about to ensue with only one winner, but something from their past interferes and Jordan begins a journey of healing.

As a reviewer, I have extremely mixed feelings about this novel. The author has presented a great concept; however, the high-power courtroom drama promised never seems to materialize, and while the hero is angry at God, he still believes in him, which weakens the plot. However, as a reader I can overlook this, and other loopholes, and appreciate the strong emotions, happy reunion, restoration and sweet romance. (July, 385 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston