With a multitude of past relationships that only seem to have caused pain behind her, Octavia Longbow devotes her energy to her education. But just as things seem to be coming together for her, her ex-boyfriend, now a rising musician, tries to reenter the picture.

Octavia has no desire to become reacquainted with him on what she's sure will turn out to be a road to more heartache. But in ruling out romance, might she be turning away her soul mate?

With a plethora of interesting characters, McGlothin explores real- life issues in his latest release. Every Sistah Wants It is not only funny, it's also fast-moving. The flaws of each char-acter make the story that much more interesting. As the main character, Octavia is admirable and possesses an inner strength that seeps through with each page. (Dec., 294 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton