Near the end of World War II, nanny Lorraine Archer leaves the Australian outback. When her plane goes down in a storm, she is stranded on a deserted island. She nearly gives up hope of rescue when an American PT boat, Every Storm, stops at the island to make unscheduled repairs.

Lieutenant Donovan Riggs is unprepared for the surprise he discovers on the island, but he gets Miss Archer home safely, despite the attacks of man and nature. Both are caught by surprise when their lives intersect again in America. Is this a divine plan? Are they meant to be together?

Wick's latest likely will please her fans, but it's unlikely to win her any new ones. After a rambling beginning comes a desperate situation that promises an exciting plot, but the action soon fizzles to fairly tame. The characters are likeable but too perfect to be real. (Jul., 350 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson