Image of At Every Turn


Image of At Every Turn

Mateer writes a delightful, fun and fast, whirlwind tale set in 1916, just as automobiles are introduced. Alyce is a feisty, passionate character, and her journey into the unknown world of autos, racing and expanding women’s liberties is exciting and interesting to follow.

Alyce pledges $3,000 to African missionaries after hearing of their great need. When her wealthy father won’t give her the money, she must raise it alone. After hearing that her father is sponsoring an auto race — with a prize of $5,000 — she asks the team’s mechanic, Webster, to train her. Webster’s troubled past comes to light, and Alyce wonders if she has trusted the wrong person. Race day is fast approaching, and Alyce still needs assistance. What will she do to keep her promise? Is it too late? (BETHANY HOUSE, Sep., 320 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin