Taylor Maxwell has been busy trying to keep a lot of balls in the air. Besides working at the family-owned cosmetics company, "To The Maxx," she's also been devising her own computer trivia game. Two years ago her fiancé, Paul Ashton, disappeared while on a trip to Columbia, and now, her mother, Vanessa, is battling cancer.

Taylor and her brother, Trent, are floored when Vanessa calls the family together to announce that investigators have found her long-missing child. When Vanessa was 18, prior to marrying her late husband, Duncan Maxwell, she had a baby that she gave up for adoption. Vanessa has looked for the child for many years and now believes that Renata Rollins is her daughter.

Shane Donovan of Tri-Tech Security has been hired to check computer security at "To The Maxx"; his company is also following up on the Renata Rollins claim. A DNA check takes months, but Vanessa is afraid she might not have that long, so she insists that Renata and her adoptive father Caleb Bassett come down to South Beach to visit. Taylor, Trent and their uncle, Doyle Maxwell, are highly suspicious of Renata's claim. Learning that Renata is currently a stripper does nothing to ease their minds. Adding to this volatile mix is the fact that Taylor seems to have become the target of a dangerous stalker. Shane has his hands full sorting through the facts and lies, and protecting the very attractive Taylor.

Meryl Sawyer has become a brand name known for delivering taut, sexy and very intriguing romantic suspense. She is one author who never disappoints. (Nov., 367 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith