The Hollows is Cincinnati's supernatural underworld, home of magic-users, weres and vampires. But now that witch Rachel Morgan has brought down its master vampire, all bets are off. To put away the vamp, Rachel was forced into a bargain with a demon who has now come to exact his price—he wants her soul!

To make matters worse, Rachel's boyfriend has skipped town, her vampire roommate Ivy is back to drinking blood and Kisten, a living vamp who looks seriously hot in leather, is paying her major attention. Rachel's life has never been more interesting—or more dangerous.

You won't find a fantasy heroine sharper, funnier or sexier than Rachel Morgan—or one as entertainingly screwed up. Harrison's multilayered characters and her unique, utterly believable world strike just the right note in a crowded genre. Blending horror, suspense and fantasy, the main story and several subplots are tightly woven and expertly balanced with twists and turns that leave the reader breathless. This is an unforgettable supernatural mystery with bite. (Jul., 512 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum