Fourth in the series starring Genevieve MacPhail and her band of orphans, this novel features onetime orphan and eccentric inventor Simon Kent, whose steam-powered pump attracts the interest of archeologist Lady Camelia Marshall.

Desperate to find the means to con-tinue her work on ancient African society, Camelia barges into Simon's laboratory and urges him to help her with her excavation. When his home is burned, hers is ransacked and the dig's workers are driven away by rumors of a curse, Simon decides he will take her up on the offer.

Together with his old friend Oliver, Camelia's loyal African servant, her inquisitive monkey, exotic bird and tiger snake, they leave for Cape Town and are plunged headlong into trouble and passion. A sinister enemy is trying to sabotage Camelia's work and their newfound love.

Exciting, emotional, humorous and brimming with characters you can never forget and a story that will stir your adventurous spirit, Monk's novel is a triumph. But it's not just the fast pace that will keep you turning the pages, it's also the desire to read more about the wonderful characters and marvelous love story. Read and savor! SENSUAL (Mar. 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin