The talented Ciotta's latest Evie book is one that new readers will jump into
easily. Likewise, fans will be thrilled
to re-enter the engaging world of this spunky, lovable heroine. After all, everybody loves a skillfully characterized, humorously narrated and undeniably well-plotted novel.

Aging character actress Evie Parish returns for another adventure with reformed con artist Arch Duvall, a sexy undercover agent sporting a Scottish brogue, and Milo Beckett, Arch's American partner in a covert government operation that was set up to bust scammers.

Fortysomething Evie again improvises a role to help the crime-fighting team battle swindlers, but this time the stage is her Indiana hometown -- and the players include her estranged parents, a local dance teacher and a senator. Adding to the drama is the love triangle forming between Arch, Milo and Evie. Can she have one? Both? Neither? Will tangling with these men cost her a sought-after job as well as her vulnerable heart? (HQN, Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel