Meredith McKay is a nice girl. Home for the summer to help care for her father and his broken leg, she is forced to relive some not-so-pleasant memories from her high school career.

Leading the nostalgia brigade is neighbor Scott Sheridan, the boy who sobbed in third grade and paid for it for years after, thanks to Meredith's older brother. To say that time has been good to Scott is an understatement: He's sex personified. But Scott is just part of what makes "good girl" Meredith reconsider her life with steady boyfriend Travis back in Atlanta. Is it possible that this former Jersey girl is not as good as she thought she was?

Overcoming a slow start is not always easy, but Crane prevails with refreshingly real human emotions and reactions. In this book, actions have consequences, and no one gets off easy, despite appearances. (Oct., 251 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg