Image of Everyone Loves a Hero


Image of Everyone Loves a Hero

This story is pure romance as two lovers get to know one another. The heroine’s family situation helps explain her insecurities, but the fact that she trusts the word of a complete stranger over the man she claims to love, plus the hero’s lack of understanding and the secrets he’s keeping, may make readers doubt their future happiness.

After landing a plane in a blizzard, then saving the pilot’s life, co-pilot Cole Langston’s life became a media circus. A year later things are dying down when he takes a knockout punch from a man who is being rude to sales clerk Olivia Robison. This confrontation creates an attraction for one another in Olivia and Cole that neither has experienced before. As the relationship skyrockets, Olivia has trouble with insecurity. It’s hard for her to accept that Cole would choose her over all the women who throw themselves at him and all those he’s been with in the past. As for Cole, he can’t help being hurt that Olivia doubts that his feelings for her are sincere and lasting. (SOURCEBOOKS, Feb., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley