When Victoria Lyndon and Robert Campbell meet, it's love at first sight. Victoria is a vicar's daughter and Robert is the Earl of Macclesfield. Their meddlesome fathers spoil their plans of elopement. Each blaming the other, the lovers separate, unaware their lives have been manipulated.

Seven years pass and neither has forgotten the other. Victoria works as a governess, going from post to post, surviving on dreams of Robert. Robert has given up on love, his life empty.

Fate intervenes when Robert visits the home where Victoria is governess. Left stranded in the maze by her impish charge, she stumbles upon Robert. Angry and hurt, they are wary of the emotions that resurface.

Even as they try to deny their feelings, they are swept away by the tides of fate. Victoria leads Robert a merry chase and he must convince her that he loves her more than life itself-even if he must abduct her to prove it.

Ms. Quinn has penned a rousing, sophisticated romp that will leave you laughing with joy and weeping at the plight of the star-crossed lovers and their tender reunion. Brimming with witty repartee, dry humor and zany actions this novel will melt your heart and lift your spirits. SENSUAL (March, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox