Image of Everything But a Groom (Everything But...Series)


Image of Everything But a Groom (Everything But...Series)

This "bride left at the altar" plot spins off into an engaging, fast-paced story. The two lead characters make an entertaining couple, but what makes this tale shine are the secondary characters' distinct personalities, especially Nana Vancy, the Salo family matriarch. This is a sweet and charming love story awash in fun and humor.

The Salo family wedding curse has struck a new generation in Erie, Pa. Vancy made sure every aspect of her wedding was accounted for and had contingency plans for any emergency except one: her groom leaving her stranded at the altar.

To avoid the local media who know all about the curse, Vancy takes refuge with Matt Wilde of the Everything Wilde Landscaping business, who's had a bit of a shock himself. He's the new guardian of 4-year-old twin nephews he knew nothing about. Since she's not going on a honeymoon, Vancy helps out. The two fall in love with the boys at first sight. Both the Salo and Wilde families can see the same thing happening to Matt and Vancy. Will the curse strike again? (AVALON, Dec., 192 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers