In a stunning debut, Dee Davis writes a soul-stirring tale that will not soon be forgotten. Intertwining the colorful threads of love, romance, passion, intrigue, loyalty and friendship, EVERYTHING IN ITS TIME is a richly woven tapestry shimmering with the mystical beauty of Scotland, deftly drawn characters, vivid imagery and detail. Dee Davis has penned a classic tale of soulmates who defy the boundaries of time. Definitely a keeper!

Haunted by the memories of a magical night in Scotland when she met the man of her dreams at the castle hotel, Katherine St. Claire is determined to discover if he is a figment of her imagination, and decides to journey to Duncreag once again.

Iain Mackintosh has never forgotten the beautiful woman who appeared in his bedchamber at Duncreag. As mysterious as it was, their one night of love lives in his heart and he knows that she is his destiny.

Upon his fathers death, Iain returns to Duncreag. Iain must deal with his neighbor, Alasdair Davidson, and his strategies to see him wed to his sister. Iains search for the truth leads him to a deadly encounter where his mysterious lady appears.

Determined to be with Iain forever, Katherine makes the choice to journey through time to 15th-century Scotland to find him. When the lovers are together once again, fate demands a final test of their love.

(Jul., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor