Image of Everything But a Wedding (Everything But...Series)


Image of Everything But a Wedding (Everything But...Series)

The final installment in Jacobs' Everything But trilogy is a heartwarming, funny, fast-paced romance with a captivating hero and a feisty heroine. The delightful supporting characters add another layer to this wonderful story
of family and love.

Nana Vancy believes she's put a curse on her granddaughter, but Dora Salo doesn't care about a big family wedding -- she's determined never to marry. She's happy working for herself, wearing jeans and a hardhat and only occasionally dreaming of Mr. Right.

Architect Bill Hastings is doing a favor for his very pregnant cousin -- pretending to be metrosexual interior designer Carter Hastings IV to win the bid to decorate Dora's exclusive housing development. Dora begins to see the man beneath the designer labels, but can she forgive him once his deceit is revealed? Now that Dora is falling in love, can the curse be broken? (AVALON, Jan., 255 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown