In this sequel to Got a Man, Shonda Robinson is tired of carrying the weight of her household on her shoulders after her live-in boyfriend, Malik, is fired from his job. To top it off, she's ready for marriage, and he just wants to take it one day at a time.

Kim Brown is devastated when her fiance, Malik, leaves her on their wedding day to be with his mistress. After nearly having a nervous breakdown, she re-enters the dating scene and meets her soul mate. The only problem is, he's white, and she's not quite sure that they can overcome their racial differences to commit to a lasting relationship.

Ready for something new with a little spice, Nadine Clark ends her relationship with longtime boyfriend Eric. Meeting Malik, who is the total opposite of her predictable ex, is the answer to her prayers. But when she finds out that there's more to Malik than meets the eye, will her ex take her back?

This novel is well organized and thought-provoking. Though it's slightly marred by occasional conflicting statements and unanswered questions at the close of the novel, Poole garners interest with strong, unpredictable characters. Though not always likable, Nadine, Shonda and Kim are realistic. Poole takes too much time to reveal details, which slows the action, but lifelike situations add depth and make for very detailed plots. (May, 294 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton