Image of The Ex-Wife


Image of The Ex-Wife

For a writer, it is important to construct a story that doesn’t move too slowly or too fast. This novel falls in the latter category. Though the story is easy to follow, the events are too fast paced, not allowing the reader enough time to get to know the characters. It is filled with drama, which some readers will enjoy, but at times it is utterly predictable, scattered and disorganized. By the end, some issues have not been resolved.

Psychologist Ayana Blue meets and falls in love with real estate mogul Cameron Small. The whirlwind romance leads to a marriage and a baby. While their family and friends are ecstatic, Cameron’s ex-wife Yasmin is determined to get her man back. Drama ensues when Ayana’s new home is vandalized, her brakes are tampered with and her husband is arrested. Though she is tempted to leave, Ayana leans on her family and friends as she gets to the bottom of things. (GRAND CENTRAL, Feb., 304 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner