Image of Exclusive (The Godmothers)


Image of Exclusive (The Godmothers)

The delightful Godmothers are descending on Los Angeles with all the verve and eccentricity they have embraced in their dynamic approach to life. Never mess with a Southern woman, as these steel magnolias prove time and again. Witty, charming and complicated, these four childhood chums prove that life is a gift no matter what age you are.

After anonymously purchasing the tell-all rag The Informer for her daughter Abby, Toots Loudenberry relocates from South Carolina to spend more time with Abby. She’s also hoping to meet a few celebrities along the way. She did expect they’d be alive, though, so when she wakes up to find a ghostly specter floating over her bed, she calls on her friend Mavis to find out what’s haunting the new beachside mansion she’s just purchased. In the meantime, Toots, Mavis and their friend Sophie are worried about Ida’s budding romance with Dr. Sameer, which may have more to do with his bank balance than his heart. All this, as Abby attempts to make over the celebrity tabloid into a viable enterprise. (KENSINGTON, Sep., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper