Image of Executive: Expecting Tiny Twins


Image of Executive: Expecting Tiny Twins
EXECUTIVE: EXPECTING TINY TWINS (3) by Barbara Hannay: The last thing cattle station manager Jack Lewis wants to do is play host to a possibly high-maintenance house guest, Senator Elizabeth Green --but what his boss says, goes. However, Lizzie isn't what Jack expects and sparks fly at once. Lizzie's also pregnant, via a sperm donor, and avoiding the press until she decides what her future holds. Jack's ready to stand by her no matter what, but Lizzie doesn't want to subject him to the goldfish bowl her job places her in. Soundly plotted, the story's characters are charming and well matched, but Lizzie's waffling about her relationship with Jack seems completely out of character given her previous life choices.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer