Image of Executive's Pregnancy Ultimatum (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Executive's Pregnancy Ultimatum (Silhouette Desire)
EXECUTIVE'S PREGNANCY ULTIMATUM (4.5) by Emilie Rose: Flynn Maddox had forgotten all about the dare that had him freezing his "assets," until his ex-wife requests them in order to get pregnant. Wanting a baby, Renee decides to use a donor she already knows, but when Flynn finds out he has the sample destroyed and offers a different proposition: He will give her the baby she wants if she will reconcile with him for the next year. As their relationship grows, so do the complications that pushed her away from him in the first place. Rose's enchanting characters are well written and colorful. It's a great pleasure to watch them go from youthful lovers to mature ones.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper