Taking a break from her Otherworld series, the hugely talented Armstrong delves into a truly shadowy world where honor and morals are set to a different frequency. In Nadia Stafford, Armstrong's created an anti-heroine whose motivations are convoluted, yet utterly gripping. Take a walk on the dark side -- where contract killers become both the bait and the hunter of a vicious serial killer.

Former Canadian cop Nadia Stafford never planned on becoming a hit woman, but then financial circumstances became dire and she was approached about killing a killer. Since her fall from grace was the result of an act of vigilantism -- she murdered a rapist and killer -- this offer is another chance to eliminate dangerous criminals.

Within the contract killer community, the only person Nadia knows and trusts is the mysterious Jack, so when he asks for her help, she agrees. A terrifying killer is on a rampage in the States and seems to be targeting hit men. To protect their community, Jack, Nadia and others must find and eliminate this killer before he finds them.

(BANTAM spectra, Jul., 480 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith