Andee MacLeod is piloting a small plane to remote northern Alaska. She wants to check on her father before winter hits and is also responsible for delivering her five passengers to their rural destinations.

FBI agent Stirling "Mac" McRae has had his fill of protecting the pipeline system from terrorists. After the recent death of his brother, Mac just wants to spend healing time with his family. But when a plane crashes, Mac is immediately suspicious that a terrorist might be aboard. Could it be the winsome yet determined pilot? Can the group get to safety before the weather, or other more sinister forces, intervene?

Warren's third Team Hope book delivers a thrill ride of excitement with an emphasis on God's protection and provision. Mac and Andee's relationship develops in a believable and touching manner. And beyond the harrowing fight for survival, the suspense is multiplied while readers puzzle out who is responsible for the mayhem. (Apr., 296 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel