Image of Explosive


Image of Explosive

With its intriguing premise and grab-you-by-the-throat opening, Mede's dynamite story sets her up as a newcomer whose talent for creating a romantic thriller that sizzles with sexual tension and espionage rivals the best.

Gray Dalton, the Marquess of Blackburn, waits in a cell for the woman who will lead him to the answers he craves. As mistress to one of France's leaders, Devon Caravelle must lure Blackburn into helping her decipher a code hidden in Beethoven's third symphony, "Eroica."

Enemies forced to band together to prevent the destruction of the world, the two feel tension sizzle between them.

Though Devon appears to be in control, it's actually Blackburn who holds the upper hand when he takes her captive. They are both famed for their cool heads and cooler hearts, but suddenly they're helpless in the clutch of desire and the need to uncover the secrets within the music. As they circle one another, caught in an intricate web of spy and counter-spy, their game of seduction leads to surprising passion and the discovery of deep secrets and tangled twists neither expects. As excitement builds, emotions are unleashed in an explosive climax. (Brava, Jan., 300 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin