Image of Exposed (Maggie O'Dell Novels)


Image of Exposed (Maggie O'Dell Novels)

Kava's latest O'Dell adventure is fast-paced and at times gut-wrenchingly terrifying. Its villain is the best kind -- a complete psychopath wearing the guise of normalcy. A top-notch read!

Investigating a threatened "crash" takes FBI special agent Maggie O'Dell and assistant director Cunningham to a home in Virginia, where they find a dying woman and a frightened little girl. Because of possible contagion, they're both taken to a secret U.S. Army facility, where Maggie must wait to see if she's been exposed to a potentially fatal hemorrhagic fever virus.

Meanwhile, her partner, R.J. Tully, is doing what he can with the case, aided by what little information Maggie is able to give him. Their quarry is wily, targeting a seemingly random group of people across the United States with the virus, utilizing signature elements of famous killers in his delivery method. But there's nothing truly random about any aspect of the case -- and the fiend is closer than Maggie or Tully can possibly imagine. (MIRA, Oct., 320 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer