Emma Sands discovers that the man she considered a surrogate father has been taping the most intimate moments of her and her three-year-old daughter Gracie's life. Emma is forced to wonder what else has he manipulated? Grant Woodard is a rich and powerful man, who very easily could have arranged for the elimination of both her husband and brother. In a desperate move, Emma raids her bank account, grabs Gracie and flees.

Port Flannery, Washington, is not Emma's first choice of a place to hide, but when her car breaks down, events just fall into place. Sheriff Elvis Donnelly first spies the beautiful, statuesque Emma engaged in a verbal battle with the owner of a garage who is trying to cheat her. Emma is overwhelmed by her first glimpse of Elvis, who at 6'6", scarred and missing a hand, is the epitome of toughness. But Emma and little Gracie see through to the pain and loneliness hidden within.

Growing up as the son of the local hooker has made Elvis a wary loner. A car bomb ended his big city career, so Elvis returned to the town of his birth, respected if not exactly welcomed. All Elvis' instincts tell him that Emma is a woman on the run, but from whom or what?

Emma knows she can't hide from Grant forever, but is it better to keep on running...or to make a stand here in a town where she and Gracie are starting to build a new life? The fiery attraction between Elvis and Emma is another factor to consider; with all the losses in her past, does Emma dare risk a chance at happiness?

A consistently excellent voice in romantic suspense fiction, Susan Andersen keeps on delivering captivating and thrilling novels of dangerous love and dark suspense. (Apr., 319 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith