Photojournalist and CIA operative Melissa Pope is working undercover to find a traitor in the United Nations. Melissa has just gotten started when she is asked to make contact with a member of the Last Chance task force during a party. Surprise! Her contact is MI-6 operative Nigel Ferris, whom she had a brief affair with years ago.

Seeing Melissa stirs up memories and emotions in Nigel, but he must keep them on the back burner as the current critical mission demands their attention. Someone has stolen several canisters of Russian VX nerve gas and it is believed that terrorists will use it shortly to strike New York. When Melissa is poisoned and framed for murder, Nigel suspects that someone at the U.N. is part of the plot. Putting the deadly pieces together in time will require everyone's expertise. Has fate brought Melissa and Nigel back together only to separate them once again?

The searing conclusion to Davis' mesmerizing trilogy gives readers all the deft characterization, taut suspense and sizzling romance they have come to expect. Davis and romantic suspense are an unbeatable duo! (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith