Actress Leah Kleinschmidt, aka Leah Klein, has made it to Hollywood, but her rise to fame has stalled in commercials. The main stumbling block happened five years ago when the love of her life, Michael Raney, walked out on her just as she was preparing to make the change from stage to film. Now her big break could be in the flick in which she has a minor part. Unfortunately, who should resurface in her life as stunt coordinator and trainer -- Michael!

Unaware of the grief he caused Leah, Michael sees this as a second chance with her. However, Leah finds it difficult to forgive him, even when she learns why he had to leave. The final straw is when Michael's past catches up with him -- and places Leah in danger.

Though sprinkled liberally with humor, this novel is often serious and angst-ridden. London does a good job of portraying the difficulties Leah and Michael have with accepting the past so that they can have a future together. However, the emotional roller coaster they go through with each other becomes wearying. (May, 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley