Image of Extreme Danger (The McCloud Brothers, Book 5)


Image of Extreme Danger (The McCloud Brothers, Book 5)

McKenna tackles heavy subjects such
as organ trafficking and objectification
of women, but balances them out with sensual, hard-hitting love scenes, and underlying themes of hope, faithfulness and survival. The multitude of characters circling and crossing each other will captivate readers with their betrayal, family dynamics and ill-timed attraction.

Nick has one last chance to get in good with the bad guys and save a stolen child, but Becca Cattrell's poorly timed entrance into his life puts that on hold when he's forced to flee with her to save her life. Their undeniable attraction, amazing sex and Nick's drive to see Becca live force them together time and time again as the leads to the stolen child result in Nick making some bad decisions. (BRAVA, Feb., 432 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen