Rick Hanson just keeps finding more new and outrageous ways to make readers laugh. His gift for the absurd is unmatched and a joy to behold.

Ex-cop turned sculptor Adam McCleet knew he was in for trouble from the minute his dear friend Max Faverman requested his help. Max's son Buddy has bought land in Oregon and joined an Indian tribe. Their former Chief, Bob, has passed away and Buddy has now declared the reservation land the Independent Country of Bob.

Adam figures Buddy's gone nuts, and is convinced of it when he arrives in Bob. Bud-dy has collected a weird group of screwballs, including a religious group that follows the geo-political Omni Doctrine or GOD. With its heavily armed and paranoid military force, the little country of Bob has also come under scrutiny by the FBI, DEA & FCC.

Buddy plans to open the First Bank of Bob and start circulating currency (Bob Bucks) the following day. With all that money floating around, Adam sees the potential for disaster rising as one suspicious death is closely followed by murder.

(Aug., 240 pp., $5.99—Hardcover published December 1998)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith