It is always fun to read about gods assuming human identities, however, in this novella these immortals have so many different names, it is nearly impossible to keep track of who’s who. Additionally, by focusing on three points of view – the hero, the heroine and the cop that investigates the bad guy – the story moves forward with very little focus on character development. Instead, the story is largely devoted to explaining Norse prophecies. The mythology is interesting but “Eye Of The Beholder” is missing the development of a relationship between Jamie and Travis to illustrate that this pair truly belongs together.

Jamie’s world is turned upside down when, after being kidnapped and tortured by her psychotic grandfather, Oliver Grimm, she learns that several of the people she grew up with are immortal Norse Gods in disguise. These Gods save her life but it is drastically changed after she learns their secret. The most shocking revelation is that the man Jamie has loved since she was a teen, Travis, is none other than Tyr, the Norse God of Justice. Travis returns Jamie’s feelings, but he does not want her to suffer because of a relationship with him. However, after her ordeal at Oliver’s hands, Travis knows that he must to claim Jamie as his woman in order to keep her safe. (Samhain, October 2010, dl. $4.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne