Laura Kincaid has lived with a secret for eight years. When she left her husband, Kaine, she was pregnant with their son, Peter. Now relocated to Tucson, the same area that she fled from, she can no longer keep Peter from wanting to learn about his father's people and his Navajo heritage. She allows him to accompany her friend and neighbor to a powwow on reservation land, where he wanders off and becomes lost in the beautiful, but deadly, Arizona canyon country. When the tribal police call off the search, Laura is given the name of the best tracker in the area, Kaine Cloudwalker, her ex-husband and Peter's father.

Kaine has lost faith in the ways of his people. He doesn't realize Laura's son is actually his, but he nevertheless agrees to not only search for Peter but also to allow Laura to accompany him. It's only after they start their search that they realize they're also being hunted by the skinwalkers, a demonic breed who can change back and forth from man to animal. They are determined to capture Kaine, who has the power to heal animals with his touch, and make him one of their own.

This page-turner never lets up on the excitement. The beauty and danger of the Arizona desert is conveyed with amazing clarity: Readers almost feel as if they are there. Also, the relating of the Navajo ways, the visions experienced by both Laura and Kaine and the search for not only Peter but also their lost love are blended into a beautiful, flowing story that's almost impossible for readers to put down. (Aug., 300 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler