Revisited by her past as a member of the CIA's black-ops Division 9, Simone Sheridan inadvertently draws her ex-husband, Reece, and his younger brother, Martin, into a game that endangers all their lives. Simone kept her past a secret from Reece for fear that he would leave her if he knew the things she'd done.

Ironically, her insistence on hiding her past led to her divorce and, ultimately, the endangerment of the lives of both Reece and Martin. To save her family and herself, Simone must open her heart to the right person, Reece, and be wary of those that already know her secrets.

Davis' novel is a heart-stopping romance and mystery all at once. She captivates readers from the start, pulling them into an intricate plot that offers fast-paced action on nearly every page. But so much action leaves little time to develop the romance between characters. Despite the lack of pages dedicated to the romance of the two main characters, it proves to be a compelling read, an absolute treasure to lovers of suspense novels. (Jun., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Autumn M. Harrison