Although this story starts with a twist that entices readers to keep turning the pages, Vance (Marilyn Campbell) slows the pace of the suspense by turning to another plotline. Thankfully, the author refocuses, and this becomes a creepy, fascinating story.

When Luke Madigan was a teenager, he saw a prostitute murder a man. He never told the police, and now, 21 years later, he's still haunted by nightmares. After reading about similar murders in the newspaper, Luke turns to his friend, homicide detective Terrell Harris, for help.

Lobbyist Ellery Winters is approached by a stranger at her mother's funeral who suggests that Senator Abraham Lincoln Jones was responsible for her mother's death. Ellery is recruited to work undercover for the senator, who appears too good to be true. At a fundraising banquet, Luke's and Ellery's paths cross. Beyond their mutual attraction, Luke is also suspicious about the senator. Not sure who to trust, Luke and Ellery are on a dangerous quest to find a killer. (CERRIDWENPRESS.COM, dl $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson