Coming from a family of 13 amazingly talented artists, January James is a black sheep who can barely hold a pencil. She searches for her calling by joining Dig Egypt!, an excavation program for teens.

For an inexperienced American, Egypt is dusty, hot and rough. But January never planned on having a long-haired, motorcycle-riding Egyptian rescue her at every turn. Seth Tousson accompanies her on her trip, and their young relationship has much to endure.

Then Seth begins avoiding her for no good reason. Some of the workers think he's cursed, but January knows there's something else. With mischievous twins, a stolen ancient bracelet and a lip glossobsessed girl out to take her man, January has a lot to contend with.

The companion book to Naomi Nash's Chloe, Queen of Denial, this is the more action-packed of the two, but it's not quite as humorous. January gets lost in a foreign country, attacked by random men and falls in love with the most handsome, brooding character in all of Egypt. Along the lines of love, this book has awesomely written kissing scenes, so pucker up, ladies! (Jul., 208 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Ali DeGray