This romantic fantasy
is the first book in a
trilogy that promises
to be a thrilling epic adventure. A
spellbinding plot and smooth-flowing narrative draw the reader into a world of myth and magic. Smith–Ready has created memorable characters and given them almost insurmountable
challenges to overcome. The protagonist is an incredibly strong female
who confronts her deepest fears to embrace her destiny. As she struggles to accept her unique abilities, readers will feel her pain, weep for her losses and cheer her triumphs. Lovers of
fantasy are about to embark on a
great new series.

In the village of Asermos, everyone has animal magic. But Rhia denies her animal spirit because she's afraid of becoming a Crow woman and using her power to comfort the dying.

When her mother dies, Rhia is overwhelmed by guilt because she's unprepared to help her cross over. She knows it's time to accept her transformation, but it will mean leaving behind all she holds dear. (Luna, Nov., 480 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski