Samantha Carlyle has already lost her father and best friend to the mystery of a sunken treasure near her resort island in the Bermuda Triangle. Now she wants to just take care of her guests and keep things running smoothly.

That becomes more difficult with the arrival of her latest guest, Adam O'Connor. He had broken her heart years before, and Sam knows he hasn't come back without an ulterior motive. Shortly after his arrival, an attempt is made on Sam's life and, though Adam saves her, her questions about his reasons for being there increase.

Adam causes her to look at all her guests differently. From the honeymooning couple to the vacationing family, from the bullying man to his quiet girlfriend, each of her guests are viewed with suspicion as Adam tries to convince Sam to help him. Old feelings are rekindled as danger looms ever closer.

One by one Sam and Adam discover each guest's secrets, but it's Adam's secrets that might break the fragile bonds growing once again.

As always, Ms. Pozzessere delivers a story so rich in detail that readers will think they're on this Caribbean island. EYES OF FIRE is sure to please. (Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson