This book was a wonderful read. The emotions that Ms. Cooper-Posey wrung
out of her characters were enough for me to keep turning pages to the very end. She dangled the happy ending like a carrot until the very last page.

It is a chance encounter that throws Anastasia and David together late one night. She's trying to save an albatross from a net under a dock in Seattle. David helps her then invites her on his boat to clean up after they free the bird. They share one soul-shattering kiss before Anastasia runs away, leaving David no way to contact her.

They meet again at David's best friend's engagement party. Hugh, David's friend, is getting engaged to none other than Anastasia. David knows that he's the man for Anastasia but how can he interfere when she's engaged to his best friend?

Anastasia is only marrying Hugh to please her father. He had been deeply hurt when her mother ran away years ago and uses that to influence Anastasia. What Anastasia doesn't know is that her father is harboring some secrets about himself and her mother.

Can David help Anastasia find out what secrets her father is hiding so they can have a chance at happiness?

($2.50-$3.50 dl, $4.00$5.00 dk)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell