Image of Eyes Wide Open (Outlaw Chronicles)


Image of Eyes Wide Open (Outlaw Chronicles)

Dekker is a master of uniquely written novels, and this one is no exception. Originally released as four e-novellas, these stories combined make a highly intriguing tale. The middle two stories are a bit muddled, taking away from the quick pace and elegance of the overall package and allegory of the Christian walk — yet maybe that is the way the author planned it.

Christy and Austin are friends, and neither remembers their childhoods. Christy sees herself as physically unattractive, and Austin values his intellect above all else. Christy somehow finds herself trapped in an abandoned room and escapes into a mental hospital. No one there believes that she isn’t a patient and the more she protests, the more insane they believe she is. Austin finds a way to try to rescue her, but he too becomes a captive patient. Can they escape before the lines between reality and delusion become permanently blurred? (WORTHY, Jan., 304 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel