An overworked ad executive gets magically spirited away to a medieval land where she’s pleasured all day long by hunky men? Sounds good to this reviewer! However, the narrative is a bit too contrived to land Audrey, aka girl with no life, right into the laps of two gorgeous guys who want to worship her forever. While the fact that these men are brothers may work for some readers, others will inevitably be turned off by the scorching sex scenes that include siblings.

In this sixth book in Walters’ Tapestries series, Audrey Brennan lives for her job. But after she collapses from stress at work, she may not even have that. So when a mysterious tapestry appears to sweep her away to a fantasy land where men compete for women by proving their ability to pleasure the fairer sex, she’s more than ready to take this unscheduled vacation. Rest and relaxation are literally what the doctor orders after her collapse and she’s getting a double measure of pampering from handsome brothers Abrah and Heroc. But there’s a catch — Audrey only has three lust filled days with her lovers. After that, she must return to the bitter life she knows — or stay in the strange kingdom of Javara forever. (ELLORA'S CAVE, dl., $7.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Jaysen Scott