Image of Facade (The Games Series)


Image of Facade (The Games Series)

Steeped in sadness, Façade is a charming new adult addition about two troubled youths recognizing that people really do need each other in order to move forward. The heroine holds onto her secret way past its expiration date, but the fallout — and resolution — is handled nicely.

After four years of intense guilt and blame, Delaney is ready to face the man whose life was irrevocably changed as a result of her father’s drunk driving. She meets Adrian, and their attraction is palpable. Try as she might, Delaney can’t force herself to reveal who she truly is — and what her father has done — as she falls more in love with the troubled playboy. (FOREVER, Oct., 304 pp., $12.00, ISBN: 9781455576319, PB, 18 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg