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Image of Face Off (Laura Blackstone, Book 2)


Image of Face Off (Laura Blackstone, Book 2)

Laura Blackstone’s schizophrenic life continues in the second installment of this terrific urban fantasy series. Laura’s divided career is on a collision course as Del Franco again paints a world where politics can be deadly. As Laura’s character develops, her relationships with the individuals in her life give richness to the action-packed plot. Another winner!

Laura Blackstone’s dual undercover careers as a public relations expert for the Fey Guild and her InterSec agent persona, Mariel Tate, can usually coexist. But that is becoming more problematic as the political clash between the Danann and Inverni Fey heats up. In her Guild role, Laura’s boss Orrin ap Rhys is on a mission to destroy Mariel’s InterSec supervisor Terryn macCullen and his lover Cress, the feared and despised leanansidhe. Terryn’s sister, who is the leader of the Inverni, is coming to the United States and Laura suspects there will be an attempt on her life. The best person to help Laura stop the plot may be Jono Sinclair, the mostly human, who was recently forced to join InterSec. (ACE, Aug., 322 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith