Image of Face-Off


Image of Face-Off

FACE-OFF (4.5) by Nancy Warren: In the first of three novellas about the McBride siblings, former NHL star Jarrad McBride moves back to Vancouver to coach a hockey team and meets teacher Sierra Janssen. When they start dating, she worries about measuring up to his swimsuit-model ex-wife. In story two, Samantha McBride reunites with ex-flame Greg Olsen. She turned down his marriage proposal before going to college — will he ask again? The final story has hockey player Taylor McBride wooing Canada’s figure-skating sweetheart, Becky Haines. But when her overprotective parents set her up on a date with a singer, Becky wonders if she can continue seeing Taylor. Each of these very different stories has its own distinct charm. Hockey and ice-skating fans will be thrilled, although you don’t need to know how to lace up a pair of skates to enjoy Face-Off.

Reviewed by: 
Andrew Shaffer