Image of Face of Danger (Guardian Angelinos)


Image of Face of Danger (Guardian Angelinos)

The percolating heat between FBI agent Colton Lang and P.I. Vivi Angelino explodes as they end up working the same case, but from different angles. St. Claire adds another notch to her growing list of thrilling novels by taking readers on a journey filled with danger, treachery and murder. Hang on tight!

When a second star dies after winning the Best Actress Oscar, talk builds about a red carpet serial killer. Still trying to get her Guardian Angelinos firm established, Vivi decides to capitalize on her resemblance to this year’s best actress front-runner, Cara Ferrari, by offering to be a body double to catch the killer. Cara agrees, but with a strange stipulation: Vivi is to fly to Nantucket and stay at Cara’s estate. Vivi gets on the private plane and discovers FBI agent Colton Lang, who is none too thrilled with the switch. When Vivi is attacked in Cara’s house by a man asking “Cara” where she hid the “key,” Vivi and Lang realize there is more going on than they first imagined. (FOREVER, May, 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith