Image of The Face of the Earth: A Novel


Image of The Face of the Earth: A Novel

This amazing story is difficult to put down until the ultimate resolution. Mitchell and Shelley are realistic characters who face an untenable situation with grace, yet also experience true-to-life struggles. Raney’s novel is gut-wrenching, but incredibly satisfying.

While attending an out-of-state conference, Mitchell Brannon’s wife Jill leaves a message saying she is heading home and should be there for dinner. When she fails to arrive, Mitchell enlists the help of the police and their longtime friend and neighbor Shelley, but Jill seems to have vanished. As the days pass without clues, Mitchell tries not to lose hope. He and Shelley grow closer, but try to avoid temptation as they continue the search. (HOWARD, May, 368 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel