Image of Faces of the Gone: A Mystery (Carter Ross Mysteries)


Image of Faces of the Gone: A Mystery (Carter Ross Mysteries)

This terrific page-turning debut features a likable protagonist, engaging supporting characters and some witty and amusing dialogue. Readers will want to see where this compelling tale takes them.

When four bodies are found in a vacant lot, each with a single gunshot wound in the back of the head, the police, in their haste to calm the residents of Newark, N.J., leak a story to the press calling the murders revenge for a bar stickup. Investigative reporter Carter Ross doesn't believe it. While he might not be from the streets, his experiences as a reporter have taught him a few things about the underside of the city, and what the police are saying doesn't make sense.

The paper prints what the police told them, but Carter decides to find out what the real story is. Yet learning what connects the four victims will put him square in the path of a killer determined to leave no clues. (MINOTAUR, Dec., 336 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers