When his despised boss is arrested, CIA Operations Chief Rick Harden is torn between satisfaction that David Gorman is finally getting his and the knowledge that he too will also come under suspicion. Rick's career was derailed once before, when 10 years ago he demanded answers regarding his wife's death in the field. Since then he's made bargains with the devil in his quest for the truth.

Although semiretired, specialized secret government agent Nikki Taylor agrees to take on this last job for two reasons: the promise of answers to her own past and to make sure Rick is not made a scapegoat.

Politics and covert operations are a deadly and dangerous business. From the moment he spies Nikki, Rick knows she is there to investigate him, but can he trust her to dig for the truth? Never one to be passive, Rick boldly approaches Nikki with a proposition — one that may lead to both information and passion.

Proving that her outstanding debut was no fluke, hot new author Low is back with more thrills and sizzle. She has an amazing voice that is unique, exciting and gives her suspense tales an unexpected edge. An author destined for really big things! (Mar., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith