Image of Fade To Midnight (Mccloud Brothers)


Image of Fade To Midnight (Mccloud Brothers)

This pulse-pounding suspense tale of the last, lost McCloud brother features a touching relationship with searing sex and raw emotions. These two misfit characters living on the fringes of society are creative and special — and thrust into an all-out fight against an evil plan so horrific and improbable that “normal” people can’t conceive that it is real.

Disinherited by her wealthy family, Edie Parrish ekes out a living drawing graphic novels about a scarred and tormented hero who appears in her visions. Kev Larsen was found in an alley, barely alive after prolonged beating and torture, not knowing who he was and unable to speak. Now, 18 years later, some memories are beginning to surface after brain surgery. As Kev discovers that Edie is somehow tapping into his life and Edie finds that her hero is real — the evil they escaped years ago reaches out to ensnare them once again. (BRAVA, Jun., 320 pp., $20.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan