After nights of disturbing nightmares and a frantic phone message from her sister Traci, Midwest caterer Lindsey Metcalf is seriously concerned.

Lindsey can't reach Traci in Seattle and no one else seems to be concerned. Finally, Lindsey books a last-minute flight, determined to track down her younger sister. Both Lindsey and Traci share a horrific childhood that has left them both damaged. Despite this, Lindsey can't believe that Traci has gotten into anything really dangerous.

Ex-cop Michael Striker is working as a P.I. as he awaits his trial for aggravated assault. During a case, Striker completely lost his cool and attacked a suspect who murdered six women, including Striker's partner. When Lindsey approaches him about locating Traci, Striker does not want to get involved, but when someone breaks into Traci's apartment and attacks Lindsey, he feels he has no choice.

As Striker and Lindsey dig deeper into Traci's world, they become increasingly concerned. Something is seriously wrong and could be more dangerous than they ever dreamed.

Gritty and atmospheric, this is a terrifying and gripping drama. Castillo is becoming quite the master of suspense. (May, 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith