Recapturing the magic that was such an integral part of Twice Upon a Time, Lisa Ann Verge brings us this grown-up fairytale of a woman with special powers and a man-turned-beast who has lost all hope.

Rhys ap Gruffydd is cursed. For five long years he's hidden his face behind a mask and his heart behind a wall of stone. He's gone on hundreds of pilgrimages and seen many healers to no avail, but when he learns of a revered Irish healer, he takes her captive hoping against hope that she will set him free.

Aileen the Red knows that her unique gift comes from the fairy blood that flows in her veins. Though stunned when abducted by Rhys and his men, she is fearless in the face of his hostility and disbelief. Yet the longer she stays with him, the more Rhys begins to feel hope reborn within his tortured soul.

Aileen does whatever she can by using herbs, her hands and even her love to erase the curse, but only after she learns of his desecration of an ancient sacred isle can she truly aid him. Still, Rhys' stubbornness and his enemies threaten her as she works to break the curse.

Let yourself be swept away by the utterly enchanting atmosphere of a best loved fairytale and you'll find yourself caught in Ms. Verge's marvelous, magical tale. As always the author delivers a book that is uniquely wonderful. SENSUAL (Mar., 378 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin